Wizards of the Coast Visual Designer

Wizards is the home for many favorite games like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and many other strategy games.

Web Content

Produced high quality web graphics using template driven design and a variety of images to influence action by users while promoting new products/events. Game art, product shots, in-store photos, stock photos, and custom graphics created to engage with the brand, product, and /or event, reformatting existing artwork to fit within various production uses such as: hero graphics, media icons, and event promotions.

Dungeons and Dragons Web Assets

Developing high quality web marketing assets to bring to life new adventures that give DMs (Dungeon Masters) the resources to be the best story tellers.

Magic the Gathering Web Assets

Working with high quality graphics to develop the best representation of the Magic story in each set release.

Wizards Corporate Web Redesign

Wizards Corporate — Former Website

After the redesign of Magic, D&D, and Avalon Hill websites, the much neglected corporate site was next in line for an overhaul that would allow the fans of our product to really get a look into life at Wizards.

Wizards Corporate — Redesign Website

The website redesign was developed in partnership with bkom studios and was awarded two(2) Davy Awards in Visual Appeal and Corporate Communications. The two main roles I had in the development of the redesign site were: *Managing the video and photo shoot schedule for content that plays a key role in the representation of Wizards culture. *Collecting and editing photo assets

Graphic Standards Manual

Originated and maintain graphic standard manuals for the family of products that are maintained by WotC, such as Magic the Gathering (MTG), Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Avalon Hill (AH), Wizards Play Network (WPN), and Wizards Corporate.


Designed department specific presentation templates using InDesign, PowerPoint, and Word. Maintained all visual aspects keeping the look and feel of all 6 WotC brands consistent and visually engaging.

All Graphics and images are the sole property of Wizards, and are protected by copyright & trademark.