Mayo UX Designer

A hyper local app that connects people with needs to people that can help

EuroSeattle Startup Weekend

12 teams and 48 hours to build an MVP


How do you ask for help when you are new to an company, working at a co-working space, or attending an event such as Startup Weekend? Do you bug people around you? They look busy…
Hold up a sign or maybe put a post-it for help? “I hope someone sees it”

Project: Mayo is a virtual help board that connects people with the help they need in the moment/location that they need it.

Team Lead: Allen
User Research and Interviews: Austin, David
UX Design: Janel
App Developer: Bryan
Gamification Structuring: Andy, Nick, Joy

What is Mayo?

MAYO is a hyper local app that connects people with needs to people that can help.

Why Mayo?

没有 it’s pronounced “mei you” It means “don’t have”

Problem Statements

People are interested in helping others out when they do not have to invest too much time or money.

What does this look like?

“You cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone!”


Conducted 200 interview What did we learn? “Are willing to help a person in need?” 78% suggested they would help a person in need.

Initial Iteration

There were two major design direction for this project explored. One was based GPS location that allowed you to pinpoint your position on a map and post within a a radious of your postions.

The second would be tied to a specific location or event, displaying simple flip card design.

The final presentation included video recording of the MVP in action.

“This app would make the world a better place by enabling quick and easy altruism. People need and want to give quick support. Mayo is the social lubricant that helps that happen. Well done!” -Mike Monohan CEO / Founder at ClickTick inc

Mayo receive the honor of “Crowd Favorite” at the end of the event.